Black Sea Group
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  • Boilers;
  • Vaporizers (including those with diaphragms wall);
  • Economizers tubes;
  • Superheaters tubes;
  • Headers;
  • Burners;
  • Soot blowers;
  • Air preheaters and baskets;
  • Flue gas ducts;
  • Flue gas ducts;
  • Exhaust fan and FD fan;
  • Heat exchangers (HPH ,LPH);
  • Parts and subassemblies for support and dilatation system;
  • Parts and subassemblies for support system for pressure part, fuel oil system, coal feeding system, water feeding system, coal mill;
  • Deep preliminary inspection to determine the boiler status;
  • Identifying problems and critical components;
  • Technical solutions for solving problems and modernization;
  • Testing of all the tubes of the vaporize surface (pipe wall thickness measurement with ultrasonic equipment) and piping outlet of the boiler;
  • Non destructive tests for drums and headers;
  • Checking of boiler foundation and steel structure elements;
  • Reconditioning of pressure system parts;
  • Replacing various fittings, flanges and tubes;
  • Repair or replacement of boiler valves (safety valves, drain valves, pneumatically, electrical and mechanical valves);
  • Replacement of actuators valves;
  • Repair of air preheaters;
  • Repair of exhaust and FD fan;
  • Reconditioning of flue gas ducts (including insulation and expansion joints) for cold and hot air ducts;
  • Reconditiong and manufacturing of new parts for actuating from filtering equipment, and evironmental protection and de-polluting elements;
  • Thermal insulation checking and replacement;
  • Chemical cleaning of the boiler tubes;
  • Maintenance, repairing or replacement of boiler instrumentation;