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Your most reliable partner

      Black Sea Group is formed from:
    Black Sea Technochim Co - Romania
    Black Sea Energy Generating Equipment Trading L.L.C. - U.A.E.
    Black Sea Power Generating FzCO - U.A.E.
    Sun Orbit for General Trading Co - Iraq
    The main markets for our activities are in the Middle East and Africa countries.
    Since its formation, as an international trade company, Black Sea Group has been dealing in the field of power generation, representing and collaborating with famous Romanian companies, for supplying of equipments and spare parts and performing overhaul for all types of steam power plants with power up to 330MW and boilers up to 1035t/h.
    Due to an extensive experience, we offer to our clients high-quality products under international standards, short time delivery, competitive prices and a transparent collaboration.
    Highly-qualified personnel work hard so that all the products, works and services to be completed according to our clients requirements and in time.
    From the beginning the Black Sea Group was focused intensively on quality, technical development and marketing.

    The Black Sea Group’s main competencies include:
    Tight contacts with old and possible future clients;
    Through market studies for finding new possible tenders to take part to;
    Looking for the best designers and manufacturers for each possible future job;
    Black Sea Group buys the tender documents;
    The best offer issued on the name of one BSG member is sent to the client;
    Black Sea Group participates to the negotiations and signs the contracts as Main Contractor;
    Black Sea Group is responsible for the necessary finances required for each offer/contract like: bid bonds and performance bonds, opens L/C or makes advance payments for the manufacturers;
    During the development of each contract, in order to assure the best conditions in accomplishing the job, Black Sea Group is responsible for the delivery of goods from manufacturers to the client in the shortest time, for the transportation and accommodation of the employed personnel during the rehabilitations and/or service period, insurances of the goods during the shipment and during the erection works;
    Black Sea Group as Main Contractor is responsible in front of the client during the warranty period of each job performed.

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