Black Sea Group
Your most reliable partner!
  • Generator complete sets;
  • Rotor winding;
  • Stator bars up to 18 kV;
  • Rotor retaining rings;
  • Stator wedges sets;
  • Mechanical and electrical spare parts;
  • Coolers for cooling system;
  • Gas distribution system;
  • Hydrogen sealing system;

SERVICES FOR GENERATOR on site or in our workshop:

  • Deep preliminary inspection to determine the generator status;
  • Diagnostic investigations;
  • Identifying problems and critical components;
  • Technical solutions for solving problems and modernization;
  • Rewinding of stator on site or in our workshop;
  • Rewinding of rotor with or without cooper recovery, with F class insulation, on site or in our workshop;
  • Dismantling, nondestructive tests and mounting the retaining rings on site;
  • Nondestructive tests for rotor shaft;
  • Flux test on stator core and local reconditioning of core laminations;
  • Measurement of stator slots wedging condition;
  • Restore or improvement of stator slot wedging;
  • Restore of stator and rotor cooling system;
  • Restore or improvement of hydrogen seals;
  • Improvement of generator auxiliaries using updating components;
  • Inspection and restore or modernization of excitation equipment;