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References - Overhaul Services
Description Beneficiary Year
Major Overhaul for 3 Units of 30MW Ras Katenib P.S. - Yemen 2003-2006
Major Overhaul for 2 Units of 40MW Al Mukha P.S. - Yemen 2003-2006
Inspection and Technical Report for Generator Unit no.2 of 70MW Ansaldo,
Electrical measurements and diagnostic
Al Kenitra P.S. - Morocco 2006
2 Units of 30MW in Ras Katenib P.S.
2 Units of 40MW in Al Mukha P.S.
Ras Katenib P.S. - Yemen
Al Mukha P.S.
Major Overhaul Works:
  • Preliminary unit survey in service (Test and inspection)
  • Turbine overhaul
  • Generator overhaul
  • Thermal Cycle overhaul
  • Boiler overhaul
  • Electrical and instrument components overhaul
  • Sea water pumps overhaul
Rehabilitation Unit no 1 & 2 Carrying Out The Maintenance Work And Rehabilitation Of Some Systems Nassiriyah P.S. - Iraq 2012
Rehabilitation works for M/C 4922 (turbine & generator) and auxiliaries Unit no.2 Mussaib P.S.- Iraq 2013
Rehabilitation of Unit 4 Turbine Mussaib P.S.- Iraq 2013
Rehabilitation of Generator, Governors & Existing Vacuum System for Unit 4 Mussaib P.S.- Iraq 2014
Rehabilitation of Unit no.2&4 320MW, Mussaib P.S. - 2013/2014
Mussaib P.S. Scope of work for UNIT no. 4:
  • Transfer of HP Cylinder and Rotor from Unit 3 to Unit 4
  • Inspection&Repair of Generator Unit 4
  • Inspection&Repair of IP & LP Turbines
Mussaib P.S. Scope of works for UNIT no. 2:
  • HP Inner casing & HP Rotor Refurbishment
  • Generator Rotor Refurbishment
  • Rehabilitation Turbine & Generator
Rehabilitation works for Turbine & Generator for Unit no.5 Daura T.P.S. Daura P.S. - Iraq 2015
Erection works for Economizer Tube Coils, Secondary Super heater Tube Coils,
Baffle Wall Tubes & Rear Wall for Unit no.3, for MUSSAIB POWER STATION
Mussaib P.S.- Iraq 2015
Turbine NO.5 Overhaul Repairing Najibyiah P.S.- Iraq 2015-2016
Overhaul Repairing Turbine Unit 4 Najibyiah P.S.- Iraq 2016-2017
Turbine Rotors Overhaul Services on site
2010 Pakistan:
Service for Turbine Rotor: installing of blades on site Hub River P.S.
2010 Ansaldo - Italy:
Workshop service activity for Turbine Rotor blading
2010 Tripoli West P.S. Libya:
65MW turbo-generator urgent repair for Unit2 Tripoli West: Turbine Rotor blading and Balancing on site using Black Sea endowment: Vibration Analyzer Type VPA 316 and Vibration analyzer type DSA 050
2012 Baiji P.S. Iraq:
On site Rehabilitation and Commissioning of Low Pressure Turbine Rotors for Units 3, 4, 6
Turbine Rotors Rehabilitations in factory
  • Ras Katenib P.S. Yemen: Rehabilitation of 30MW Turbine Rotor Unit 5
  • Layyah P.S.–SEWA– UAE: Rehabilitation of 75MW Turbine Rotor Unit 7-Ansaldo
  • AL Mukha P.S. Yemen: Rehabilitation of 40MW Turbine Rotor Unit 2
  • Layyah P.S.–SEWA, U.A.E.: Refurbishment of 75MW Turbine Rotor and Parts for Unit No.8 - Ansaldo
  • Layyah P.S.–SEWA, U.A.E.: Turbine Rotor, Generator Rotor And Exciter Rotor Refurbishment UNIT 1 – Siemens 33,6MW
  • Layyah P.S.–SEWA, U.A.E.: Turbine Rotor, Generator Rotor And Exciter Rotor Refurbishment UNIT 2 – Siemens 33,6MW
  • Baghdad South P.S. IRAQ: Rehabilitation of 55 MW Steam Turbine Rotor
  • Layyah P.S.–SEWA, U.A.E.: Correction of the vibration level for Unit no.5
  • Layyah P.S.–SEWA, U.A.E.: Balancing and Vibration Analysis on site for 2 units of 75MW Ansaldo Steam Turbine
  • Layyah P.S.–SEWA, U.A.E.: Refurbishment and Repair work for 75MW Ansaldo Turbine Rotor Unit No. 6
  • Baiji P.S. IRAQ: Rehabilitation of 2 pieces of 220MW Low Pressure Turbine Rotor
  • Baiji P.S. IRAQ: Rehabilitation of 3 pieces of High Pressure Turbine Rotors