Black Sea Group
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Company Country Description
ABB Avantgard Bulgaria producing low, medium and high-voltage instruments and alternating current electric motors of 1 to 200 kW
ABB Power Generating AG Germany a world leading supplier of power plant automation and electrical solutions;
ABB OY Finland sales, design, production and delivery of automation and power technology products, systems and services for industry and utility customers;
ABB Sweden supplier of products and systems for power transmission as well as for process and industrial automation;
ABB SCHWEIZ AG Switzerland Power Distribution, Drives, Process Control and Optimization;
AUTOMATICA Romania Specialized in Electrical Equipment for low and medium Voltage, Modernization of existing equipments and various spare parts;
Babcock Borsig Service Germany an international service company in the power generating industry;
CLYDE UNION United Kingdom Pumps;
ELECTROAPARATAJ Romania Low voltage aparatus;
ELECTROMONTAJ Romania Specialized in designing, manufacture and erection of towers;
ELECTROPUTERE Romania Specialized in manufacturing of power transformers and Rotating electrical machines;
ENERGOMONTAJ Romania Specialized in construction of thermopower plants, service and trained personnel for overhauls;
FILTRE AER CURAT Romania Specialized in designing and manufacture of air filters;
GENERAL TURBO SA Romania is the main Romanian producer of power generation equipment for thermal power plants which use classic fuels (coal, heavy oil, gas) or nuclear;
HELAMIN Switzerland Water treatment;
ICEMENERG Romania Energy Research and Modernising Institute - Specialized in:Research and consultancy on renewable and non-conventional energy sources, modernizations of excitation systems;
I C P E T Romania Research and Designing Institute for Thermopower Equipment Specialized in: Boilers, Turbine Generator Units & Machine Hall and Environment Protection;
I S P E Romania Specialized in on site supervision and commissioning ; Turnkey projects for: new cogeneration sources or retrofitted ones, gas/fuel oil/coal fired, in simple cycle, combined cycle with gas and/or steam turbines or Diesel, new heat supplying systems or under rehabilitation;
METALEXPORTIMPORT-Fortus Romania Heavy machinery producer. Major products: equipment, subassemblies and spare parts for metallurgy, power generation, mining, cement industry, chemical industry and ship building industry;
Nichibu Japan Tubes for superheater and condenser;
SMITH Nederland Transformers;
STORK TECHNICAL SERVICES Nederland Steam turbines manufacturer;
Taprogge Gmbh Germany with its innovations has been setting the world technological standard since 1953, above all by its highly effective technologies for filtration and water extraction, as well as by the TAPROGGE System, today the world-wide synonym for on-load cleaning of heat exchangers and condensers;
Termodensirom Romania Specialized in technical thermometers for general purposes, laboratory thermometers and precision thermometers, hydrometers, special thermometers and glassware;
Trandsa Almesa Spain Steam Boilers Manufacturer;
TRASFOR Switzerland Transformers;
U M E B Romania Manufature of electric motors and generators, for DC and AC having overall frame sizes from 56 to 560mm and power from 0.08KW to 400KW;
U Z U C Romania Chemical Equipment Works. Specialized in: various type of shell heat tube exchangers, drums, storage tanks, boilers and furnaces, reactors;
V.E.F. SA Romania Spare parts for Regenerative air heater - baskets;
VOITH Germany Hydraulic equipment;
VULCAN Romania Boilers Manufacturer;
ZAT a.s. Czech Republic is the largest original producer and provider of control system solutions.