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Supply of distribution, power and special transformers:

Classification of the transformers types according to their range is:

  • single phase, oil immersed, on load voltage regulating transformers;
  • oil immersed three phase transformers and autotransformers with or without on (or no) load voltage control, rated 63KVA - 1600KVA in standard or special construction;
  • three - phase oil immersed transformers and autotranformers with or without on (or no) load voltage control, rated 1600KVA - 400MVA;
  • three - phase transformers and autotranformers with or without on (or no) load voltage control, rated 1600KVA - 400MVA;
  • dry, general use transformers and autotransformers above 10KVA;
  • transformers and autotransformers meant to operate in special and hazardous environment;
  • transformers for electrical furnances and for induction heat installations, transformers for arc furnances;
  • transformers for artificial neutral and for internal services;
  • transformers for network interconnection;
  • arc steel - melting furnances of 1t, 3t and 5t.


A. Overhead Transmission Lines - low, medium and high voltage up to 750KV


  • Field investigation, survey and other topographical works;
  • Design and optimization of foundations;
  • Complete design of the route line;
  • Complete calculation and design of the towers;
  • Complete design of a overhead transmission lines;

Supply of Materials:

  • Complete galvanized steel towers including bolts, nuts and washers;
  • Conductors;
  • Clamps and fittings;
  • Insulators;
  • Earthing devices;
  • Optic fiber cables;
  • Other materials.

Special Services and Works:

  • Tests on transmission towers and foundations;
  • Conductors; Supervision and technical assistance during construction/erection;Clamps and fittings;
  • Special tests and checking on materials;
  • Performance of mechanical and electrical tests in laboratories or on site;
  • Performance of tests on commissioning;
  • Organization of personnel training and refreshing courses;

Our experience in this field of activity allow us to perform overhead transmission lines on "turn key" basis.

B. Transformer Substations

  • Design of transformer substations.
  • Expertise and optimization.
  • Technical assistance.
  • All range of services.

Delivery of:

  • Subassamblies and complete equipment for transformer substations;
  • Clamps and fittings for transformer substations;
  • Steel structures;
  • Transformers;
  • Automation;
  • Optic fiber cables;
  • Circuit breackers.