Black Sea Group
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Technical documentations and studies
  • Deep preliminary survey for identifying problems, critical point and status of equipments;
  • Technical solutions for solving problems and modernization.
Technical assistance
  • Technical assistance for erection works on site;
  • Technical assistance for dismantling of main parts and subassemblies on site;
  • Technical assistance for operation of power plants.
Vibration measurements before and after erection
  • Measurement of global vibration level according with ISO standards;
  • Diagnosis and corrective measures;
  • Rotor dynamic balancing;
  • Measurement of natural frequency.
Non destructive tests
  • Fast spectroscopic analyses;
  • Chemical analyses;
  • Metallographic examination;
  • Ultrasonic examination;
  • Liquid penetrate test;
  • Magnetic particle test;
  • Hardness test;
  • Endoscope examination;
  • Stress examination.
Training for power station personnel
  • Mechanical vibration diagnosis and balancing;
  • Non destructive tests;
  • Bearing rebabbiting;
  • Turbine erection activities.