Black Sea Group
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  • Rotors;
  • Rotor and diaphragm blades;
  • Casing and diaphragms;
  • Sealing labyrinths;
  • Bearings;
  • Special assambling parts (studs, bolts, nuts, joints, segments, rings, elbows, etc.);
  • Spare parts (coupling, gears, turning gears, etc.). for pressure part, fuel oil system, coal feeding system, water feeding system, coal mill;
  • Deep preliminary inspection to determine the turbine status;
  • Identifying problems and critical components;
  • Technical solutions for solving problems and modernization;
  • Checking of turbine foundation;
  • Sandblasting of turbine components;
  • Non destructive tests for rotor and blades, turbine casing and diaphragms, sealing labyrinths, radial and axial bearings, bearing pedestal, main stop valve and control valves;
  • Measurement of deformations for turbine rotor, casing and diaphragms;
  • Redesign and manufacture of turbine component using new high quality material;
  • Rotor and diaphragms repair on site;
  • Industrial repair for turbine rotors, including the improvement of the technical and operating parameters;
  • Rotor reblading, including the redesign of some stages with improvement effects for efficiency and life time extension;
  • Vibration measurements and rotor balancing on site at low speed or nominal speed;
  • Balancing of turbine and generator rotor on balancing machine with mass between 7 – 50 t and speed up to 3300 rot/min;
  • Reconditioning of bearings, steam and oil labyrinths, oil buffer, valves and other turbine governing parts;
  • Turbine assembling;
  • Maintenance, repairing or replacement of turbine instrumentations;
  • Redesign and replacement of turbine insulation (blanket insulation);